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In order to get all Charmakar brothers and sisters under one roof, in 1952 ROHIDAS SAMAJ PANCHAYAT SANGH, Mumbai was founded by veteran social worker, a freedom fighter and ex M.L.A..late Shri Sitaram Namdeo Shivtarkar. Now the SANGH has completed its unmatched service of 58 years to the Charmakar community.

Let us go in brief into the history of SANGH. In addition to SANGH, there were two more trusts namelyROHIDAS SAMAJ TRUST and VITTHAL RUKMAI DABHOLI CHAMBHAR TRUST, the President being Padmashri and Ex M.P. Late Shri. Narayanrao Kajrolkar. With his blessings only a plot of 1298 square yards at Parel was allotted to ROHIDAS SAMAJ TRUST on lease for a period of 999 years. On 12th March 1992 both the trust were amalgamated into ROHIDAS SAMAJ PANCHAYAT SANGH, Mumbai with their properties and thus SANGH has now two properties (plots) i.e. at Parel and Worli.

Since its inception, the SANGH has strived in the overall development of its Charmakar brothers and their families by implementing many projects such as to educate the poor and needy, to help members financially and to raise the overall morale of the community socially. Today the world being one of competition, SANGH has been arranging special camps for students to provide them with a competitive edge in seeking jobs in various fields. This has resulted in many of them holding high positions in Government offices and Public Sector Undertakings.

As of now the SANGH has 20 wards, 205 Sthanik Panchayats and over 10,000 active members spread all over Maharashtra.

Being members of SANGH, we have a cherished dream to build “SANT ROHIDAS BHAVAN” on our own plot and on our own strength at Parel. On the eve of Golden Jubilee of the SANGH on 22nd February 2004 our President Shri. Bhaguram Kadam proclaimed the construction of the proposed SANT ROHIDAS BHAVAN. Since then a drive was initiated to raise Building Funds through donations and other various means.

As of now it has been decided to demolish the existing structure with adjoining hall and construct a 4 storey SANT ROHIDAS BHAVAN on entire plot including present open plot.




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